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From 6 to 10 March in Ukraine on pastoral visit is His Eminence Theodore Cardinal MakKarrik, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington. With him came the father of James MakKann, TI, head of National Bureau of collections for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Mark Patrick, Executive Director of the National collections. The Cardinal himself has not the first time on Ukrainian soil. The purpose of present visit - the deepening of cooperation between the Church in America and Ukraine.

First honorary guests visited the city. Here they visited the Ukrainian Catholic University, visited the place for the campus to the streets Stryyska, visited the Holy Spirit Seminary in Lviv archdiocese Church. Meeting with seminarians began choir performing liturgical pisnespiv: "Perhaps the name of the LORD blessed. Impressed singing perfect harmony of male voices, Archbishop MakKarrik said the envy of the Eastern rite Catholic Church: "You have what we have. But the Ukrainian church singing in general is a blessing. Therefore, worship in your church you can hear as angels sing. I pray that you are angels of God. This does not mean get rid of humanity. Just an angel in the Gospel - the one who brings good tidings. Therefore, your role in the church - to be those angels who are the salvation of the world. Continuing the conversation with students of the seminary of the Holy Spirit, worthy guest said that theological education has two aspects - learning and thus be able to teach others. "To know God, but do not know how to convey this word to the people - the collapse of the ministry. I know how to teach, but do not believe in yourself - and defeat. For while a preacher might say - we do not hear what you say because you do not live it. To understand the gospel and learn to share it with others - this is pastoral theology. Live what you preach "- said Archbishop MakKarrik.

Theodore Cardinal MakKarrik urged the seminarians to learn every day until the end of days. Theodore MakKarrik noted that the priest is already 52 years old, but still wants to acquire new knowledge. It gives power to respond to the challenges of daily living the law of God, hear the voice of God. And actually this challenge to help young priests to be prophets, priests of the Ukrainian Church. "I promise to pray for you and please pray for me that we were together all the angels, which are called the Lord" - concluded his speech Archbishop Theodore MakKarrik.

In Lviv, Cardinal is also planning to participate in the annual Lenten procession religious procession, which takes place on the streets. On Monday, March 8th, visitors to Washington arrive to Kyiv.



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