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On the 27th of May 2007 the foundation and location for the construction of Procathedral of the "Annunciation of the Virgin Mary" in the city of Buchach was inaugurated by the first bishop of the Diocese Buchach Irynej Bilyk OSBM.

Exterior of the ProCathedral in  the city of Buchach.

The Mayor of the City of Buchach and the City Council supported our decision in terms of building a Cathedral: According to Decision N 200 from the 24th of November 2006 we got a plot (0.5 hectares) for the Cathedral construction from administration of the city.
During the first stage of this project (from April to December 2009) we did the following constructional works: 1) laying of the foundation of the church, 2) raw construction, 3) electrical cable laying,  4) construction of the Crypt Church, 5) water insulation of the building will be completed in December.




Construction of the ProCathedral in the city of Buchach (Diocese Buchach). The first stage of the foundation laying is finished.

Construction of the ProCathedral in the city of Buchach (Diocese Buchach).After the finishing of foundation laying the walls of the church in sanctuary will be pulled up from the brick purchased on donations.

The building of the ProCatherdral in Buchach is actively pursued.

Latest photos of the construction of the ProCathedral in the city of Buchach, diocese Buchach.

Damp proofing of the underground part of the ProCathedral.  25.09.09

The second stage of construction is to last from December 2009 to December 2011: 1) walls of the church, 2) roof / wooden beams, 3) roof covering with tin, 4) dome of ProCathedral;

The third stage of the construction is expected to run from December 2011 to December 2013 with the following constructional works: 1) the electrification of the ProCathedral, 2) drainage system, 3) plastered exterior and interior, 4) windows and doors installation.

For further questions concerning the projects and cost estimate, please contact the official coordinator of the projects abroad, Mr. Andriy Kucherenko.
Tel: 0049 / 89/57082610
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you would like to help us, we ask you to transfer your help on the account of the Diocese Buchach:

Bank name: Privatbank, Dnepropetrovsk, UKRAINE
Account Name: Office of Buchach Eparchy
Account Number: 2600 9052 501 816

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